Notes from the Road, Coming Soon...

Here's a sneak preview from my upcoming EP, Notes from the Road. Tracks were conceived during and recorded between long scenic drives while touring and exploring. Listen carefully and you might hear notes inspired by Cascade mountain creeks, stormy beaches of Marin, everlit boulevards of Los Angeles, the flat, moonlit stretches of Texas grassland, and the clear reflections from a winding road on a Colorado fourteener.

Two Nights @ the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival

New recordings coming soon...

Yes, I'm planning to release some recordings very soon. They're gonna be quite a bit different from my previous EP. Different how you might ask? Well, here's a little hint-

Pink Pedal

Stay tuned.

Never movie coming to Seattle

Get out and support this film! And just for a little fun...If you can tell me who's wearing a Rob Marcus T-shirt in one of the scenes in this movie I'll send you one of your very own for free!


Working my way down the West Coast again!

Live in Santa Barbara

Rob Marcus Performing at the 25th Annual San Jose Jazz Festival

Join us in San Jose this weekend for the 25th annual Jazz Festival. I'll be performing at the Caffe Frascati Patio Stage from 5-8pm. 

Never winning again!

Why am I excited about Never winning again? Because that's the movie featuring some of my music as well as several other awesome Seattle artists and it's been oficially selected for multiple film festivals. Most recently, it has won two awards in New York's VisionFest. You can find screenings and learn more about the movie here (

A taste of my SxSW set now on Soundcloud!

For SxSW 2014 I really wanted to debut a new song and with time running out, just two days before the show, I completed an idea that had been brewing for a couple months.

The recording is a little crunchy but you'll get the idea. What excites me about this song is how it's just full of energy. I know the crowd was picking up on that because there was lots of cheering during the performance which just ramped the intensity up even more. I had such a blast down there and want to thank all the Austin folks that made it out to support us.

I also want to thank Critical Sun for having us down to SxSW for the 3rd year in a row. Critical Sun is a growing collective of talented artists in the Seattle area who support each other in doing what we love to do, create great music and bring it to the people.

Rob's Going to SXSW!

SxSW 2014

Los Angeles House of Blues!

Summer Tour

I've been asked back to some of my favorite spots from the spring tour so I'm happy to announce I'll be hitting the road next month for a short West Coast tour with scheduled stops in Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Upon my return I'll be heading out to Leavenworth, WA for a nice long sunny Saturday set. Keep an eye on the calendar and I'll see you in your city soon!

Waiting for "Never"

As you probably know by now, my song "Elephant Island" will be in the upcoming Brett Allen Smith movie, "Never", starring Zachary Booth and Zelda Williams.  It was originally slated to debut at SXSW Film Festival and while the timing would have been excellent considering I was going to be playing SXSW already, we just heard we're going to have to wait.  Projects of this scale often take longer than expected and this is no exception.  The film just went into the final stages of post production and while they don't have a specific debut date yet, there is a possibility that it will debut in Seattle for SIFF.  I'll keep you posted as new information comes out. 

Tour Kick Off!

And so the adventure begins.  We had a crazy start to our tour since Yusif had a meeting in Seattle unitl 9pm on Monday night and we had to be at 50 Mason in San Francisco by 7pm Tuesday.  That left us with two options for the 12 hour drive: 1) Leave Monday night and drive as far as we could, maybe the whole way or 2) Leave at 3am Tuesday and stress if we'll make it on time.

We chose the former and I took the first shift. I think excitement took over because I drove us straignt to California in 7.5 hours with two short stops for gas.  Our tour car is pretty cozy with all our gear, but at least it sips the gasoline. Yusif and Sarah split the last leg to Oakland where we were greeted by an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in 10 years.  She made us feel right at home and we promptly crashed out.

After some coffee and an incredible meal we were ready to do what we came to do.  50 Mason in downtown San Francisco would be the first gig of our 20-show tour.  It was a Tuesday night, but surprisingly there was a great crowd and the reception was warm.  We had a great dinner after the show with all our friends who came out and I have to say, my stomach muscles were sore today from all the laughing. 

We're getting ready for our next show tonight in the East Bay at The Bistro and tomorrow we move further south.  Stay tuned, as I'll be posting more photos and videos. 

KSER Love for Valentine's Day!

We're getting some serious love from 90.7 these days!  My EP is getting a lot of spins on's eclectic Thursday show, The Sunlit Room.  DJ Ron Taffi has also invited Yusif and I to join him in the KSER studio on February 14th for an in-studio performance and interview about our upcoming tour. 

I was a guest on his show last year for an interview about playing Northwest Folklife Festival but this time is going to be a little different.  They plan to have 10-15 listeners join us in the studio for the performance.  If you'd like to be a part of this fun radio show experience you can email and they'll be selecting guests randomly from all the emails they receive.  We'll also be playing a live show that evening just down the street at The Austin Bar and Grill at 7:30pm.  Please listen in at 90.7 FM or streaming at


The World Didn't End Tour

Coming up in March I'll be embarking on my first official road tour.  20 shows in 25 days including a showcase with Critical Sun Recordings in Austin, TX for South by Southwest.  I'll be hitting the road along with indie-folk pop artist Yusif! for several shows down the West Coast before joining up with several Northwest artists including Sightseer, In Cahoots, and Furniture Girls to represent Seattle in Austin for the largest music festival in the US.  On top of all that, the upcoming indie film "Never" featuring some of my music is slated to debut at SXSW Film Festival.  After the big festival we turn our sights north with several stops throughout the mid-west on our home run to Seattle.  Please check in here or on the Rob Marcus FB page to join us on tour with daily photos, videos, and much more!

Recording an album!

We're back in the studio to follow up the Rob Marcus EP with a full length album.  I'm co-producing with the legendary Bubba Jones and the talented Steve Feasley (pictured below) will be engineering our sessions.  I'll be posting lots of photos and videos during the process.  Check out the Studio Sessions album in the photos section for some footage of our session last Friday and check back as I'll be adding as we go. 

Steve Feasley tracking Alan Paisley on bass with the Midas board

Critical Sun SXSW Press Release

  • Critical Sun Recordings is heading from Seattle to South by Southwest 2012. Several of our artists will be performing in and around Austin, TX, from March 13th through the 19th. Our artists have also teamed up to put together an unofficial SXSW showcase on Austin’s famed Sixth Street during the festival, as well as a second music event in Georgetown, TX that weekend. In addition to showcasing Critical Sun artists, each event will also serve as a fundraiser to benefit the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.


    On Wednesday, March 14th at The Jackalope (404 E 6th St.) in Austin, we’re pleased to announce “Critical Sun @ SXSW 2012,” a five-hour showcase featuring six of our artists: Darrius Willrich, Furniture Girls, Sightseer, In Cahoots, The Januariez and Rob Marcus. Then, on Sunday, March 18th, we’re taking over Hardtails Bar & Grill (1515 N IH 35) in Georgetown, TX, to present “Critical Sun at Hardtails,” an all-day, outdoor event featuring the artists above, plus special guests Seeing Blind. No festival badge is required for entry to the Jackalope showcase.


    We’re very excited for the opportunity to introduce our talented roster of Seattle musicians and songwriters to a national audience. We’ll be there because we believe that being a part of one of the largest music events in the country should be about something more than self-promotion. We’ll be there because we believe in putting our talents to work for a great cause. And we’ll be there because Critical Sun artists are working together to make it happen.


    See you at SXSW!


    * * * * *


    About Critical Sun Recordings

    Critical Sun Recordings was founded in Seattle by a team of multi-talented artists whose mission is to empower musicians with the tools and resources to produce and deliver their music on their own terms. We’re also a social network, where musicians and songwriters can meet, collaborate, record and share their work; it’s a growing collective of artists who value and support each other’s projects as fervently as they do their own. In August 2011, we lent our support to the youngest members of our music community by creating the first annual Critical Sun Band Crawl, a benefit event that raised funds for Music Aid Northwest, a nonprofit organization that funds public school music programs throughout Washington State.


    About Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

    Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is an open-admission animal shelter that takes in animals from most of Williamson County. In the past year, they have consistently saved 90% of the animals that enter the shelter. Donations to the shelter to pay for Veterinarian care as well as other items contribute to the high save rate. We want to save every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal; to save all dogs and cats that are medically treatable and/or can be behaviorally rehabilitated. We are an advocate for the unwanted, lost, or abandoned pets in our region and our goal is to provide a humane, safe environment for the housing of these animals. We want to save every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal; to save all dogs and cats that are medically treatable and/or can be behaviorally rehabilitated. We are an advocate for the unwanted, lost, or abandoned pets in our region and our goal is to provide a humane, safe environment for the housing of these animals.

Courageous Creativity Interview

I'm excited to announce I was asked for an interview for the September issue of the magazine/online zine Courageous Creativity!

Check out this live review from Seattle Night Out

"Walking into the Ballard Loft at 11AM on a Saturday morning kind of makes one reflect on priorities. I had to question why I was attending a “Band Crawl” beginning at 11AM anyway, but all reservations immediately swept themselves under the theoretical rug when I witnessed Mr. Rob Marcus and crew sound checking. His presence held weight, and his demeanor was sincere. His guitar, a Takamine; I play a Takamine. I liked this guy from the start. As Rob began to play, he thanked the lookiloos and passersby for coming in, he knew he was the Genesis and what was to become a day filled with firsts. Mr. Marcus revealed himself to be quite a proficient and technical artist. With Matt Nathanson’esque feel, Rob hooked you in with feel good tones and heartbreak lyrics. By the time he had finished, I was ready for the mid set conversation, crawl, the artists were allotted only half an hour at each venue, thus packing up and moving on to the next, but not before he and his band belted out “Marie”, his Swan song to his set at Ballard Loft, and off they went. I caught a ride, I was literally William Miller and getting on the bus for a journey I would never forget."

This is and excerpt from the review of the 2011 Critical Sun Recordings Band Crawl benefitting Music Aid Northwest written by Thomas Starks, the music director for Seattle Night Out Radio.  Please see the article in it's entirety here

How to follow the White Rabbit


What a turnout at Fremont's White Rabbit!  The place was packed, people were dancing, this is the stuff musicians thrive on.  Thank you all for making it such a wonderful night including stellar performances from Sightseer and Jackie Rome. 

Help us fund school music programs August 6th!

Fremont Here We Come!


The all new White Rabbit will be hosting us along with Sightseer and Jackie Rome Friday, July 15th.  Hope to see you there with your dancing shoes on!

New Video and Photos Posted!

I've just added new footage from the University District Street Fair show.  We we're honored to kick of the longest running street fair in the states!  Check out a video of the performance here and photos here. 

Rob Marcus T-Shirts!

Fresh off the press we have the brand spankin' new Rob Marcus T-Shirts.  Silk screened on high quality T's is the Elephant Logo commemorating the recently released Rob Marcus EP.  The songs from the EP were written or inspired while Rob was volunteering in Southeast Asia immediately following the 2004 tsunami.  Rob spent several weeks writing on the island of Ko Chang (Elephant Island).  The elephant is also an appropriate symbol for Rob's first official music release as it represents a remover of obstacles which paves the way for new beginnings.  You can purchase the T-Shirts and CD's at live performances as well as on the "Merchandise" section of the website.  Your purchases make it possible for Rob to continue creating, recording, and performing.  Thank you for your continued support!

42nd University District StreetFair

We're so excited about this show.  This music is meant to be played in the outdoors so let's kick off the festival season right.  Joining me on the 42nd street stage will be Rick Bowen and Viren Kamdar on percussions, Gazelle Samizay on cello, Jim Watkins on bass, and Daniala Curto and Aubrey Zoli singing.  If you liked the sound of the EP then here's your chance to see all these players coming  together and doing it live!


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