Check out this live review from Seattle Night Out

"Walking into the Ballard Loft at 11AM on a Saturday morning kind of makes one reflect on priorities. I had to question why I was attending a “Band Crawl” beginning at 11AM anyway, but all reservations immediately swept themselves under the theoretical rug when I witnessed Mr. Rob Marcus and crew sound checking. His presence held weight, and his demeanor was sincere. His guitar, a Takamine; I play a Takamine. I liked this guy from the start. As Rob began to play, he thanked the lookiloos and passersby for coming in, he knew he was the Genesis and what was to become a day filled with firsts. Mr. Marcus revealed himself to be quite a proficient and technical artist. With Matt Nathanson’esque feel, Rob hooked you in with feel good tones and heartbreak lyrics. By the time he had finished, I was ready for the mid set conversation, crawl, the artists were allotted only half an hour at each venue, thus packing up and moving on to the next, but not before he and his band belted out “Marie”, his Swan song to his set at Ballard Loft, and off they went. I caught a ride, I was literally William Miller and getting on the bus for a journey I would never forget."

This is and excerpt from the review of the 2011 Critical Sun Recordings Band Crawl benefitting Music Aid Northwest written by Thomas Starks, the music director for Seattle Night Out Radio.  Please see the article in it's entirety here

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